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  Local Kine Cards from Hawaii

Greeting Cards for Local People!

Share Local-style sentiment by sending greeting cards by Maile Way Products. “Local Kine Cards” is an established brand that has been sold exclusively to the people of Hawaii for many years.

Hundreds of unique greeting card designs capture the feeling and spirit of the people of Hawaii. Send humorous and heartfelt greetings of Aloha to family and friends to celebrate various occasions and milestones. Some occasions available are exclusive to people from Hawaii. With many traditional and special categories to choose from, each design is available all-year round and ready to be delivered to you.

Designed and produced in Hawaii by local people, “Local Kine Cards” prides itself in keeping our entire greeting card operation process homegrown in Hawaii for all Kama’aina and Mali’hini around the world to enjoy.

E komo mai. Welcome to our website! Sign-up and become a member of our Ohana.

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